Café Crème
Whole beans

Product information

Provenance: Central and South America

Bean type: 100% arabica

Taste indication

  • Intensity123456
  • Roasting123456
  • Acidity123456

Taste description

This exclusive and harmonious blend of the highest quality Central and South American highland coffee beans ensures an outstanding cup of coffee each and every day. Its unmistakable aroma, golden brown crema, and full-bodied flavor are a pure indulgence for the senses.

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A complete sensory experience

Invite stillness into your life as you savor the full-bodied taste of each skillfully roasted bean

Luxurious Café Crème whole beans have been brought together to take you on a journey through taste, where the first stop is a sanctuary of elegant aromas and full-bodied flavor. An adventurous choice for those with an equally adventurous disposition.


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